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  1. UltraPotato2000

    Builder discussion on forums

    there should be a builder discussion place where builders could talk about builder stuff.
  2. UltraPotato2000

    post kool mc screenshots here

    heres mine:
  3. UltraPotato2000

    Meet the Piggies!

    meet my two guinea pigs! the first image is Lupin, the second one is Sandy!
  4. UltraPotato2000

    /warp pvp

    /warp pvp can be a place to battle your freinds, just like rpg, just without bending, there could even be like a waiting room function that only lets 2 people in at a time
  5. UltraPotato2000

    Nickname ideas

    Post your nick ideas here for a chance to win 10k in tcr and have me use your nick in tc!
  6. UltraPotato2000


    HI! i'm the_television! i love playing on tc and my favorite server there is probably tcr! i like skiing and baseball, and VIP rank is fun to have xD
  7. UltraPotato2000

    Unofficial TCR build comp

    hello tcr fans! i am hosting a build comp in tcr to test your survival building skills! to join reply to this post saying u want to enter! this contest will end on august 30th! winner will receive 100k in tcr! (and a free purchase at /warp ultracustoms)
  8. UltraPotato2000

    /smelt command

    ooh! what about a /smelt command, sorta like /cook, t would automatically! (idk if /cook already does it) it would be a lot more efficient than just a furnace, (idk about u but it feels like smelting debri takes like a whole hour! xD)