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Jul 19, 2020
No Cursing, Profanity, or Inappropriate Behavior
Why do we have this rule? This rule is put in place to protect the younger players that are on Towncraft. We are a Family Friendly server, meaning we need it to be a safe haven for all types of players. Most forms of curse words will automatically be blocked by NetSync.

What is NetSync? NetSync is a custom coded plugin by our developers that has a variety of uses, from administration commands to informational commands, it also has a built in chat filter called KeepItClean, also by our developers.

No Spamming or Gibberish
Why do we have this rule? This rule is put in place so the chat isn’t filled up with random messages or text, we have ways to battle this.

What do we mean by “chat?” On Towncraft, we have many in-game chat channels, some for global use and some for our donors and staff. We monitor all chat channels on the Towncraft Minecraft Server and on our Discord.

No Arguing or Disrespect
Why do we have this rule? Our main focus on Towncraft is to keep the younger players safe, while providing a place for them to play and enjoy. When having arguments it brings negativity to the chat which causes some younger players to leave. We have ways to battle arguing as well.

What do we mean by “Disrespect?” Disrespect is any form of rude behavior, and it will not be tolerated on Towncraft. Especially to our staff, any form of Staff Disrespect will yield a greater punishment because they put their time into the server to help players and do not deserve any disrespect from players.

Don’t Ask for Personal Information
Why do we have this rule? Personal information could be private to some people, this includes Phone Numbers, Social Media, Addresses, etc. We don’t mind if you share certain things like your age or gender but don’t share very personal things.

No Advertising or Redirecting
Why do we have this rule? On Towncraft we monitor everything to keep our players safe, if you are redirecting people to other places then we have no way of monitoring things. We will only punish players on certain occasions if they are elsewhere, but not many.

What is considered “Advertising?” Advertising can be anything that is trying to redirect players elsewhere, like another Minecraft Server, or Discord Servers, or just other websites in general other than our websites (or domains.)

Don’t Abuse Bugs, Glitches, or Exploits
Why do we have this rule? Abusing bugs not only gives you an unfair advantage over people but it can also harm the server by not reporting them. Abuse of any type of bugs can be server-related bugs or bugs that are in Vanilla Minecraft (e.g. Duplication Glitches, Item Values, etc.)

No Dating or Romance
Why do we have this rule? We try to make the server a safe place for kids like mentioned before, we understand that you may be dating people in real life that play on Towncraft, but keep that outside of the server, keep it in real life and not in-game.

Keep all chats English-Only
Why do we have this rule? Towncraft has always been an English server and majority of our staff only know English, we ask that you keep all conversations in English so it's easier for us to understand issues you may have or be able to respond to general questions. w

Don’t use Unfair Advantages (Cheating, Hacking)
Why do we have this rule? The use of Unfair Advantages are things like Hacking or Cheating. Using an unfair advantage, hacking could be detected by our Anti-Cheat and it will automatically punish you, but other things might not be caught. Client-Side mods are allowed but none that give an unfair advantage over other players.

What is an Unfair Advantage? An Unfair Advantage could be encouraging cheating, exploiting, autoclick / macros, cross teaming in solo games, team griefing, or any disallowed mods.

Below is a list of rules on the Towncraft Server ("server") these rules are put in place everywhere on the server, there are no in-depth description of the rules below. (All chat channels, signs, books, our Discord and our Forums.)
Chat Rules:
  • No cursing or profanity.
  • No inappropriate behavior of any kind.
  • English only in all chats
  • Be respectful to all players.
  • Don't harass other players.
  • Keep religion and politics out of all chats.
  • Don't spam gibberish.
  • Don't troll others. (Sarcasm is fine just don't purposefully try to cause issues)
  • Don't start or continue drama anywhere on the server.
  • Don't advertise or redirect others.
  • Don't continuously beg for things. (e.g. Items, Money, etc.)
General Rules:
  • No inappropriate IGNs. (usernames)
  • No inappropriate skins.
  • No inappropriate signs or books.
  • Don't impersonate staff members.
  • Don't ask staff for privileges. (e.g. OP, Ranks, etc.)
  • Don't abuse bugs, glitches, or exploits.
  • Constructive criticism is allowed, but stay respectful.
  • Don't scam other players.
  • Respect staff's decisions. (Contact an administrator if you believe there's an issue.)
  • No ban evasions.
Severe Rules:
  • Don't attempt to download our custom maps.
  • Don't use any disallowed mods.
  • Don't chargeback store purchases.
  • Don't discriminate other players.

Modification (Mod) Guidelines
  • Client Performance Improvement
    Mods that seek to improve the performance of the game without making changes to the game itself. (e.g. FPS Boosters)
  • Aesthetics
    Mods that only change how the game looks in general without modifying gameplay, such as resource packs or shaders. These must not make changes to the default block properties. (e.g. making non-transparent blocks transparent) or changing your perspective (e.g. allowing you to see around objects you shouldn’t be able to see around).
  • Cosmetics
    Mods that alter the look and feel of the in-game head-up display (HUD), without adding extra information that would not normally be given to players such as mini-maps. Armor and status effects, which are available in your inventory are allowed.
  • Brightness & Gamma Adjustment
    Mods that allow you to change the brightness and gamma settings of your game (e.g. allowing you to see in darker areas) are allowed, you can also edit these settings manually in your Minecraft client config.
Allowed Modifications:
The list of allowed mods is a basic list that will continue to be updated over time as we allow more mods to be used. The list can be found below:
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • FPS Boosters
  • HUD Enhancements
  • Waypoints
  • Camera Mods
  • Music Mods
  • LabyMod
  • Virtual Reality Capability (e.g. Vivecraft)

Disallowed Modifications:
There is no full defined list of disallowed modifications. Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage over another player is not allowed on our server (Cheating). Anything that automates your game such as Macros are not allowed. Finally, anything that modifies how your client interacts with our server is also disallowed even if it fits into the allowed modifications category. Keep in mind that if a modification does not fit clearly into anything in the allowed modifications category, assume that it is not allowed on our server. This includes, any other things that modify your game and give you an advantage over other players. If you have a question about a specific mod, please feel free to contact an admin or high staff. A list of basic mods that are not allowed on our server is listed below:
  • World Downloaders
  • Schematica or Litematica
  • Minimaps
  • FastCraft
  • Keybinds / Macros
  • X-Ray Mods
  • AutoClickers


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Jul 19, 2020
Forum Guidelines
On the forums all of the rules listed above apply as well there are also some rules that are for the forums specifically. Breaking any of these rules will result in being given a warning point or at most your account being disabled.
  • Off-topic threads or replies:
    It is hard to keep up with conversations in threads when people are posting random things that aren't related to the thread.
  • Necroposting:
    Necroposting is when you reply to an inactive thread that isn't relevant anymore, the thread will be locked if there's a necropost.
  • Creating spammy titles or threads / replies:
    We try to keep the forums clean from spam since the only people who can post are registered users, spammy replies or titles that serve no purpose aren't meant to be here.
Discord Guidelines
On our Discord all Towncraft rules apply as well as some here that are Discord-Specific rules that will be put in place. Breaking these rules can get you blacklisted from chats, muted, kicked, or banned.
  • Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines:
    Discord has their own ToS and Guidelines that must be followed at all times while using Discord.
  • Blasting audio in Voice Channels or Media Videos:
    Any form of audio that can harm another's hearing which is loud or unnecessary is not allowed, and will most likely get you Muted.
  • Off-topic messages or media:
    Sending random messages in random channels is not a good way to keep the chats clean, and could lead to a chat clear. Each channel usually will have a description on what should be posted there.
  • Spamming bot commands:
    Spamming in general is discouraged as we want to keep the channels clean, this includes spamming commands that are included in our bots or other bots that are in use. Commands should automatically get deleted in chat after they have been used, but still shouldn't be spammed.
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