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[Modernistic] [Angler] Obsidian > wait script
[Modernistic] [Angler] Obsidian > will you add among us into tc
[-][Scripter][-] ScriptJunkie > would be cool
[Modernistic] [Angler] Obsidian > its already been coded
[-][Scripter][-] ScriptJunkie > brb
[Modernistic] [Angler] Obsidian > omg script is gonna add om
I am not going to be online much sence im VERY buisy on my servers that i have become a admin on so yall i will not be able to get online much anymore, also i have school and its another story all for itself so yeahhh Sorry if yall miss me :(
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Awww, don't worry about it Sans, can't wait to see you on again though!
I'm sure everyone will miss you greatly, but I do hope you have fun on the other servers you play on!
We will miss you! I hope you're having a great time on your servers! :D what servers are you an admin on? I'd love to come check it out :D
I was just promoted again!!!!! I now hold the ranks of Admin and Staff Manager! :) Thanks for all of y'alls support!